Multiple Genitourinary Malformations Associated with Malformations of Other Organs – As a Rarity of Case Report

Author(s): Fjolla Hyseni, Guri Hyseni, Valon Vokshi, Loran Rakovica, Ali Guy, Breta Kotorri, Ina Kola, Masum Rahman, Anisa Cobo, Juna Musa

Congenital anomalies are not uncommon. Urogenital disorders can be isolated or associated with other malformations, but they are usually misdiagnosed at birth and found in physical examination or as urologic signs at adolescence. This case report presents a rare case of a 3-year-old female patient with multiple malformations including ectopic anus, crossed fused ectopic kidney, vaginal duplication, bladder duplication, and multiple organ malformations. Prenatal diagnosis, a detailed physical examination and early surgical treatment are particularly important for prevention of further complications. In this case report, the surgical approach was performed using the cutback technique for rectovaginal separation among other surgical procedures in order to achieve functionality.

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