A New Office Based Protocol to Reverse AGA Miniaturization at Early and Advanced Stages

Author(s): Piccolo D, Tesauro P, Conforti C, Crisman G, Tramontozzi S, Bovani B, Melfa F, Gennai A.

Introduction: Several types of hair loss diseases have been identified and classified over the past decades, and Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) represents the most common condition among these. It can affect both sexes with an aesthetic and psychological impact that goes from moderate to severe. Several medical treatments, topical and systemic, have been proposed for it, with different degrees of response.

Objective: To analyze the efficacy and outcome of an innovative therapeutic protocol, which combined the effect of the autologous regenerative treatment performed by medical device SEFFIHAIR™ and six sessions of TRICHOBIOLIGHT®, a combination of mesotherapy directly performed on the scalp with a subsequent photobiostimulation session with red LED light (630nm).

Methods: Forty patients (12 women and 28 men, mean age 36,4 year-old) with clinical and trichoscopic diagnosis of AGA have been enrolled during our private practice and have all been treated with the combination of SEFFIHAIR™ and TRICHOBIOLIGHT®.

Results: All patients responded to the treatment with an impressively excellent outcome reached in the 82,5% of patients (33/40) and with good results for the other 7 patients (17,5%).

Conclusions: The combination of SEFFIHAIR™ and TRICHOBIOLIGHT® has proved to be a very promising protocol for reversing the miniaturization process of follicles induced by AGA, in the absence of adverse effects. This synergy of actions has determined an acceleration of hair growth and thickening of the hair shaft, thus resulting in a consistent aesthetic result and a substantial psychological improvement.

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