Unusual (Achromobacter Xylosoxidans) Germ in Blood Culture of Newborn

Author(s): Nahid Mahir, Fatiha Bennaoui, Fatimatoezzohra El Hanafi, Nabila Soraa, Nadia Elidrissi Sletine, Fadl Mrabih Rabou Maoulainine

Introduction: Achromobacter xylosoxidans is an organism causes opportunistic infections; is a catalyst- and oxidase-positive, motile, gram-negative rod that oxidizes xylose and glucose. The bacteria will be confused with Pseudomonas species.

Objective: intravenous infection at the first time it is determined in neonatal hospitalization.

Observation: We will report the observation of a newborn baby who died due to a septicemia a Achromobacter xylosoxydans who resisted the imipenemes normally sensitive toy for the 1st time encountered in the neonatal intensive care unit CHU MOHAMED VI MARRAKECH MORROCO which never found in our hospital and which may be the declaration 'a new epidemic.

Conclusion: Axylosoxidans causes opportunistic infections that can be fatal in newborn with bacteremia The organism probably exists in a water environment and can be confused with Pseudomonas species and it's never found In our CHU.

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