The Role of Emergency Medicine for Postgraduate Year One Undifferentiated Physician: A Qualitative Analysis of Trainees' Perspective

Author(s): Weide Tsai, Ching-Yi Shen, Chih-Chun Huang, Chen-Hao Liao, NaiHui Lin, Kuan-Chih Kuo, Chih-Chun Hsu

Background: PGY program was initiated in 2003 for undifferentiated physicians in Taiwan, the program aimed to improve physicians’ general competency gap exposed during the SARS epidemic breakout. Many published studies discussed the effectiveness of the program. We were interested in the learning impacts gained from the physicians' perspectives during EM rotation in the PGY program, and little was known regarding this subject.

Methods: This retrospective study used grounded theory data analysis methods. 201 PGY physicians rotated in the emergency department from August 2014 to July 2017 answered three open-ended post-rotation survey questions resulting in a dataset of 603 comments. A three-member team for code develop-ment reviewed all comments and established the code themes with the consensus of the team members. A four-member coding team coded applicable comments accordingly.

Results: We coded 563 (96%) comments and sorted 32 themes essential to characterize the clinical exper-iences into two categories. Twenty-six codes were relevant to professional development; 6 were related to the emotional issue. In the professional develop-ment category, patient care (33%) was the most frequently coded domain in the sub-level of six core competencies, followed by system-based practice (25%) and interpersonal and communication skills (19%). Senses of growth and improvement were the most frequently coded themes in the emotional issue category, followed by pressure at the workplace and on-the-spot-feedback. The top 3 lessons learned by physicians' perception were decision-making, team and patient communication, and prioritizing tasks.

Conclusions: EM rotation had a productive role in professional development for undifferentiated physic-ians before receiving specialty discipline training. Gaining experiences in clinical judgment and communication were the strengths

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