The Efficacy of Doppler Indices in Third Trimester of IUGR Pregnancies

Author(s): Syeda Khadija, Syed Amir Gilani, Sabir Butt, Mohammad Yousaf, Raham Bacha, Syed Zain ul Hassan Gilani

Objective: To identify the usefulness of Doppler indices in the third trimester for intra-uterine growth- restricted pregnancies.

Materials and Methods: It was an observational case-control study of singletons with intra-uterine growth restriction (fetal weight <10th percentile). Intra-uterine growth restricted fetuses (cases) and normal (controls) were examined for the umbilical artery. Time intervals between progressive Doppler abnormalities and configurations of worsening were related to umbilical artery Doppler status and gestational age. This study was conducted from August 2015 to January 2016 at Gilani Ultrasound Center Lahore Pakistan. A total of 60 pregnant females were studied with normal and abnormal umbilical artery Doppler ultrasound.

 Results: Doppler indices measurements of umbilical artery in intra-uterine growth restriction fetuses in the third trimester showed higher values as compared to normal fetuses. 30 females had normal umbilical artery Doppler indices and waveforms and 30 females showed (either thinning, absent or reversed Diastolic flow Doppler waveform) with higher indices.

Conclusion: Fetal umbilical artery Doppler ultrasound is an effective tool in the detection of early intra-uterine growth restriction fetuses.

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