The Effect of Nano-Structured Nickel Coating on Reducing Abrasive Wear of Tillage Tine

Author(s): Niloofar Abed, Mohammad Ebrahim Bahrololoom, Mehdi Kasraei

The purpose of this study was comparing three methods of coating, including DC electroplating, pulse electroplating and the electroplasma methods for coating of nickel compounds on pieces carved from high carbon steel material (Ck60). Resistance of the coatings to abrasion was assessed with the criterion of proportion of weight reduction due to abrasion in the farm of operations. The coating made by DC electroplating, improved abrasion resistance in the samples by 30.41%. The coatings made by pulse electroplating on the pieces could improve abrasion resistance relative to raw samples by 55.83%. In the electroplasma method, by formation of coatings that had complex compositions, resistance to abrasion increased up to 90% relative to raw samples. It is noteworthy that such resistance to abrasion was in samples with the 480 HV and average grain size of 38 nanometers. The less the average sizes of grains of nickel Nano-coatings of the structure, the more the hardness and, consequently, the more wear resistance.

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