scRNA-Seq Analysis Immune Changes of Intratumoral Hapten Plus Chemotherapy Drugs for the Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

Author(s): Shuxiao Dong, Baofa Yu,Feng Gao, Peng Jing, Guoqin Zheng, Peicheng Zhang, Shengjun Zhou

Male breast cancer is a rare studied of disease and the relevant research is also very scarce. Current treatment of male breast cancer is modeled after the treatment of female breast cancer, namely a surgery-based comprehensive treatment, which for men to bear trauma and psychological blow. In this study, we explored the efficacy of hapten enhanced intratumoral chemotherapy for treating male breast cancer. We used scRNA-Seq to profile the changes induced by hapten enhanced intratumoral chemotherapy. We demonstrate that Hapten-enhanced intratumoral chemotherapy (HEIC) for male breast cancer induces an acute immune response, which in turn helps to kill and control cancer cells and may enable immune response as a immunotherapy to advance before any treatment to prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis.

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