Pneumatocele in a 33-Year-Old Ghanaian Woman: A Case Report

Author(s): Emmanuel Kobina Mesi Edzie, Klenam Dzefi-Tettey, Philip Narteh Gorleku, Henry Kusodzi, Abdul Raman Asemah

A 33-year-old female baker presented to our facility with a chronic cough of 7-month duration, difficulty in breathing, and tachypnea and had been on anti-tuberculous treatment for the past six months prior to her referral. A chest radiograph revealed huge thin-walled rounded hyper luscencies with smooth inner margins and without vascular markings and fluid in both upper zones subsequently diagnosed as bilateral pneumatoceles with mild compressive effects towards the left. Her condition was stable and subsequently improved after passage of chest tubes. The ability to differentiate pneumatoceles from other conditions like pneumothorax, giant bullae, and cavities is crucial since an error in diagnosis may affect the management ultimately.

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