Piezosurgery Removal of Mandibular Tori: A Case Series

Author(s): Pozzetti E, Garibaldi J, Cassinotto E, Figliomeno E, Merlini A

Introduction: Tori mandibularis are exostosis of the lingual side of the mandible, categorized as development defects. The etiology is multifactorial and the excision is not always required. Piezosurgery results as a useful device for exostosis removal because it causes less bleeding and discomfort in the postoperative healing, it is characterized by a micrometric and selective cutting for hard tissue.

Materials and methods: At Galliera Hospital (Genoa, Italy) 4 patients demanding a partial or complete denture or reporting pain, were referred for tori mandibularis removal. The surgical procedure was standardized and performed by the same surgeon, using piezoelectric technology, and accomplished with chisel and mallet for en-block removal.

Results and Conclusion: tori mandibularis removal mean measured 6.9 mm (range 5.3-7.6) in antero-posterior dimension and 18.3 (range 12.6-23.1) in bucco-lingual dimension. Piezosurgery appeared effective for exostosis removal and provides a good healing and a better comfort for the patient.

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