One for All and All in One: Modified Silica Kit-based Protocol for simultaneous sample-specific Extraction of DNA from a Variety of Source Materials

Author(s): Wera M Schmerer

Protocols utilized for the extraction of DNA vary significantly with regards to steps involved and duration of the overall procedure due to materialspecific requirements for ensuring the highest possible yield in recovery of DNA. This variation mostly affects aspects of sample preparation and digestion steps required to release the DNA from the sample material.

In contexts such as the development of new PCR-based assays- which always includes a test of species-specificity- reference samples from a number of species are utilized, requiring extraction of DNA from a variety of source materials, each with their specific conditions for effective isolation of DNA.

The method presented here follows the strategy of synchronizing sample material-specific aspects such as sample preparation and digestion in such a way that one common protocol can be utilized for the actual extraction and purification of the DNA, allowing for an overall more efficient extraction process, while maintaining optimized conditions for DNA recovery.

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