Mandibular First Premolar with Three Canals and Periodontalendodontic Lesion: Case Report

Author(s): Khalaf A Alwasi, Saad M Alshahrani, Khaled M El-Shewahy, Tarek Ezzeldin

This clinical report presents and describes both the endodontic and periodontal treatment of a mandibular first premolar exhibiting three root canals presented with perio-endo infection. Mandibular first premolars usually have a single root and a single root canal. The incidence of three root canals in this tooth is quite rare. Knowledge of root canal morphology, proper clinical examination, correct radiographic interpretation, using dental operating microscope, and careful tactile examination of the root canals are important in detecting the presence of the multiple canals and in treating the endodontic and periodontal lesions.

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