Major Depression with Catatonic Features in Adolescent Remitted with Olanzapine, Sertraline and Haloperidol Decanoate

Author(s): Dr. Hesham Maged Mohammed abdelfatah

Catatonia is a complex neuropsychiatric syndrome that's often related to psychiatric, neurological and or medical disorders. so to diagnosis of catatonia, the clinical picture must be found by three or more of the subsequent symptoms; cataplexy, waxy flexibility, stupor, agitation, mutism, negativism, posturing, mannerisms, stereotypies, grimacing, echolalia, and echopraxia. I present a case of adolescent 14-year-old Male who presented to the my private clinic with a one month history of feeling depressed, anhedonia, hopeless, helpless, and worthless, related to poor sleep, poor concentration, low energy, markedly reduced in the appetite with significant weight loss, Patient exhibited symptoms like mutism, hyper-extension of spine, clinching of jaw, psychomotor retardation which suggested diagnosis of catatonia at the background of major depressive disorder not responding to treatment described by adolescent department of mental hospital, This case report demonstrates the necessity for a high index of suspicion and early diagnosis of catatonia in psychiatric patients given the high morbidity and mortality that's related to this condition if delayed or undiagnosed.

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