Livedoid Vasculopathy Associated with Cryoglobulinemia Revealing Multiple Myeloma: A Case Report

Author(s): Madiha El Jazouly, Khalqui Slamti, Ghita Basri, Kenza Oqbani, Soumya Chiheb

Livedoid vasculopathy is a thrombotic occlusive vascular disease. The diagnosis of the disease can be a challenge for clinicians because of the overlap in clinical and histological features with other skin conditions mainly vasculitis. It is characterized by recurrent painful ulcers of the lower extremities. The treatment is also difficult. Several therapies based on anticoagulant effects have been described. We report an unusual case of an extensive livedoid vasculopathy associated with cryoglobulinemia successfully treated with rivaroxaban and revealed multiple myeloma, an association rarely reported in the literature, especially with monoclonal gammapathy of undetermined significance (MGUS).

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