Internal Hemipelvectomy through a Periacetabular Osteotomy Combined with an Extraarticular (Proximal) Femur Resection using A Single Posterolateral approach; The Surgical Technique

Author(s): Robbert JH Van Leeuwen, Martin Beck, Bruno Fuchs

To reach the best oncological perspective in intra-articular, periacetabular and/or proximal femur tumors, a radical extra-articular periacetabular resection is necessary. In this case report we present an extra-articular periacetabular resection technique through a posterolateral approach to the hip. This surgical technique is relatively unknown in tumor surgery of Enneking type II lesions.


Three patients with malignant tumor growth in the hip joint were treated with a wide, extra-articular resection of the hip joint, conducted through a posterolateral approach. Reconstruction was realized in 2 cases with a Burch-Schneider reinforcement cage, in the other case with a LUMIC prosthesis. In all three cases, the short followup showed excellent functional outcome and only one minor complication; a subcutaneous hematoma for which transfusion was necessary.


This approach to the hip joint shows promising results in treating tumors of the periacetabu- lar region. Further research to discover long term functional outcomes is necessary.

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