Interdisciplinary Management of an Endo-Perio Lesion in a Chronic Hepatitis Patient-A Case Report

Author(s): Khyati Chandra, Gayathri GV, Sartaz Rahman, Mehta DS

Management of Endo-perio lesions have always been a dilemma to the dental clinician. In such conditions, apicetomy is usually the treatment of choice when conventional endodontic treatment fails. In the present case scenario, a 42 year old male patient reported with pain and pus exudate in upper left anterior region of the jaw since three months who had a history of trauma and RCT in relation to 23 and 24 five months back. The medical history of the patient revealed that he was a chronic hepatitis patient who had undergone treatment for the same a year ago. A physician was consulted and an interdisciplinary approach was planned. Apicetomy was performed under strict aseptic condition and the osseous defect was treated with Novabone putty, collagen membrane and PRF coagulum. One year follow up revealed, defect fill gain in clinical attachment, improved gingival biotype and increased width of attached gingiva. Hence, it can be said that the synergistic effect of various regenerative materials along with periapical root sealing brings about clinical and radiographic improvement in endo-perio lesions present in chronic hepatitis patients.

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