Interdisciplinary Approach in Periodontology - A Mini-Review and A Report of Two Complex Cases

Author(s): Christina Doulkeridou, Ioannis Vouros, Anastasios Petridis, Zarkadi Athanasia-Eirini, Charis Theodoridis

Increasing life expectancy, higher quality of biomaterials used in dentistry and the rapid evolution of clinical procedures, has led to more demanding patient requests and more complicated treatment choices. Such complex cases require holistic management, which frequently mandates clinicians to cooperate in a multidisciplinary approach, in order to fulfil therapeutical objectives and to provide successful treatment concerning functional rehabilitation and aesthetical enhancement. Periodontology cannot be practised in isolation but has to be combined with other fields of dentistry, since periodontal diseases are quite prevalent and affect oral health in various ways. It is evident that these interactions and interrelationships between periodontology practice and other dental fields, such as endodontics, prosthodontics and orthodontics are quite crucial so as the utmost care to be delivered. Combined endodontic-periodontal lesions, adult orthodontics, especially in patients having been treated for periodontitis, prosthetic restoration and dental implant placement in patients with history of periodontitis are some challenging treatment modalities that may require interdisciplinary approach. In the first case reported, non-surgical as well as surgical periodontal treatment and periodontal health stabilization created the proper background for successful orthodontic treatment to be applied in a patient with severe chronic periodontitis. In the second case, periodontal therapy and surgical lengthening of the clinical crowns, with respect to biological width fundamentals, provided more favourable conditions in order a patient with alternative passive eruption and gummy smile to be restored prosthetically.

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