In-Silico Analysis of Osmotic Stress Effects on Capsicum annuumTranscriptome

Author(s): Sai Batchu

Osmotic stress is a major abiotic limitation affecting yield and growth of crops worldwide, of which include one of the most cultivated bell peppers, Capsicum annuum. To understand the perturbations on gene expression in Capsicum annuum under osmotic stress, the present study compared RNA-sequencing data between osmotic stress-induced plants and mock controls. A total of 2879 genes were found significantly differentially expressed. Differentially expressed genes related to protein processing and hormone signaling exhibited increased expression in plants experiencing osmotic stress. In addition, differentially expressed genes associated with ribosomal proteins and ribosomal biogenesis showed decreased expression patterns under osmotic stress. These findings provide basis for further elucidating the coordinated transcriptional processes underlying response to abiotic stresses in Capsicum annuum.

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