Identification of Driver Mutations in MicroRNAs for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Author(s): Ramsha Nasir, Nisar A Shar

Over the past years, it has been discovered that microRNA possesses a critical role in lung cancer related deaths worldwide. Different research on molecular biology of lung cancer has improved our understanding that determines the behavior of malignant cells which has encouraged the discovery of driver mutations. The identification of driver mutations in lung cancer has led to a paradigm shift and provides us with new direction towards personalized therapies with improved survival rates. Therefore, it is of interest to explore microRNA driver mutations in this context. Hence, in this research different consistent point mutations are identified in candidate microRNAs at different sites and different numbers of transcription factors binding at these consistent mutations are examined. The highest consistency of mutation was 18 found in mir-23A at the genomic point (13880331) where total 5 transcription factors were binding. The second highest consistency was 12 found in different miRNAs at different genomic locals where 1-2 transcription factors were binding whereas; mir-25 is the only having consistency of 7 at genomic point (100089125) with 1 transcription factor attachment. The result of consistent mutation in regulatory regions indicates that these mutated sites may serve as potential biomarkers for lung cancer. Moreover, the comprehensive utilization of these microRNAs mutations, different drugs can be designed that mainly target these specified mutated loci and would be helpful in treating lung cancer.

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