Generation and Characterization of A Carboplatin Resistant Ovarian Cancer Model

Author(s): Shalini N Swamy, Sandeep Kumar S, Devaraj VR, Ramesh Gawari

Acquisition of drug resistance is one of the major hurdles in the treatment of several cancers including ovarian carcinoma. There exist very few models that aid in understanding the mechanism of drug resistance in cancer cells. Carboplatin is administered as a first line chemotherapeutic drug in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Majority of ovarian cancer patients respond well to chemotherapy in the initial stages, but 60-70% report recurrence post therapy. The underlying molecular mechanisms contributing to resistance to therapy remain elusive. Establishing a clinically relevant in vitro tumor model that could closely mimic the drug resistance pattern in the patient would provide an opportunity to understand drug resistance. The present study focuses on generating a clinically relevant drug resistant model of ovarian cancer.

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