Dietary and Medication Management Followed by Metabolic Disorders at the NIPH of Abidjan

Author(s): Kouakou Affoué Valérie, Gbakayoro Jean-Brice, Koné Mohamed Ba, Tano Kablan, Aké Odile, Brou Kouakou

Drug, diet prescriptions and regular physical activity are the main recommendations followed by patients in the management of metabolic diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity .The objective of this work was to determine the impact of the follow -up of these recommendations by patients followed at NIPH (National Institute of Public Health) of Abidjan. For this purpose, the socio-economic, management characteristics of patients, morpho-anthropometric, metabolic and biological parameters and the evolution of these parameters during the treatment of the patients were determined. The results Showed a predominance of women (58.1%) and of people over 40 (77.66%), affected by metabolic diseases in this health center. In addition, the majority of patients had a family history (54.35%), a high weight (52% with a BMI>30) and a large waist circumference (52.1% of men with WC>102 cm and ± 88.8% of women with WC>88 cm). The prescriptions had the effect of balancing the follow-up indicators by lowering the morpho-anthropometric (BMI, waist circumference), biological (blood sugar, blood pressure) and serum lipid and protein parameters.

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