Determination of Mass Transfer Coefficients for Adsorption of Pb and Cd Onto Coir Pith and Statistical Analysis

Author(s): Padma Amarasinghe, Kasun Amarasinghe

Adsorption of Pb and Cd ions onto coir pith from single solute aqueous solutions was studied. Experimental data on variation of solute concentration in the solution with time were fitted to exponential kinetic model and model parameters were determined. New parameter, concentration decay constant, was introduced to comprehend the adsorption rate. Novel method was introduced to determine the liquid film mass transfer coefficient (kL) accurately using the exponential kinetic model equation. Liquid film mass transfer coefficient and Overall liquid phase mass transfer coefficient were calculated and the proposed method overcomes the errors due to approximation of initial rate of change of solute concentration and assumption of linear isotherm parameters. Statistical analysis of mass transfer coefficients showed that for all the parameters tested the variation of the parameters are significant with initial solution concentration for Pb.

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