Dermal Sinus Track with Intraspinal Dumbbell Mature Cystic Teratoma in an Infant Presenting as Recurrent Meningitis: A Case Report

Author(s): Ghanem Al Sulaiti, Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Ghaya Al rumaihi, Ahmed EL Beltagi, Issam El Bozom, Doaa Mohammed Taha, Samar Magboul, Kazim Mohammed

Cystic mature teratomas presenting in the spine are rare, comprising less than 0.1% of all spinal tumors. They arise from all three germ cell layers and usually accompany other congenital abnormalities. Spinal teratomas are more common in children as compared to adults and are usually associated with spinal dysraphism. Dermal Sinus is a closed type of Spinal dysraphsim, lined with epithelium and are mostly associated with Dermoid, Epidermoid and Posterior arch defect [1]. We present a case of an infant with recurrent meningitis. His examination was remarkable for a lumbar dimple. Imaging revealed a dermal sinus track continuous with a dumbbell appearance of extradural and intradural nodules, while the histopathology confirmed mature cystic Teratoma.

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