Combining Video recording and connected Weighing Scale Methods to Describe Mealtime Episodes in Mother-Infant Pair During Complementary Feeding in Rural Area of Southern Benin

Author(s): Kouton S, Vodouhè S, Hounkpatin WA, Soumanou MM

This study aimed to develop a combined of two observational methods, as video recorded and connected weighing scale in order to describe a mealtime episode in mother-infant pair during complementary feeding. Thirty (30) pairs of mother-child aged 11-23 months-old were randomly selected and enrolled in one of the village of Southern-Benin. The mixed of two observational methods showed a high positive correlation in data for describe the meal’s episode of mother-infant pair. The results revealed the existence of different mother-infant pair functioning and highly variability in the eating behaviour. The amount of porridge consumed varied of 150 to 400 g, respectively 150 g for pair 1,250 g for pair 2 and 400 g for pair 3 from connected weighing scale. The spoon content recorded were higher in pair 3. The total duration of food consumption were 10 min, 7 min 5 s and 8 min 2 s respectively for pair 1, 2 and 3. The time of the first refusal to consume from video recording were appeared respectively in first for the pair 1 at 2 min 28 s, in middle for the pair 2 at 3 min 16 s and totally in end for the pair 3 at 7 min 45 s during a meal consumption. Intra pair variability, the eating style of pair 2 was adequate models for optimal growth status in complementary feeding. The conditions of the use of combined observational methods might be improved in order to perform the description of mother-infant pair functioning during in mealtime episodes.


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