Cervical Cancer Screening Practice using Smear Test Method in the Northwestern Algeria

Author(s): Leila Isràa Boukabene, Zoulikha Masmoudi, Mustapha DIAF

Background and objective: Cervical cancer is a major public health burden, in Algeria; it represents the second most common cancer in women. The main factor leading to invasive cervical cancer is the lack of Pap smear practice. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the cervical cancer screening activities by cervical smears in the northwestern region of Algeria.

Methods: a retrospective study was performed from 2015 to 2017 in the Wilaya of Sidi-Bel-Abbès, the northwest region of Algeria. A total of 266 cervicovaginal smears were collected during the study period.

Results: among the 266 cervical smears performed during the study period; 69.54% were first cervical smears, 22.55% were performed for the second time and 7.89% for the 3rd. The highest rate was recorded in 2017. The most represented age groups for the first cervical smear were [35-39 years], [40-44 years] and [45-49 years]. The cervical smears adequate for the interpretation were the majority whether for the first, the second or the third cervical smears. However, cervical smears not satisfactory for interpretation represented lower rates. Out of all the samples, 17.85% of the cervical smears carried out in 2015, 46.59% in 2016 and 18.40% in 2017 were normal. Moreover, no presence of intra-epithelial lesions has been reported. Epithelial abnormalities of low grade were observed on 3.4% of 1st and 2nd cervical smears done in 2016 and on 0.8% of 1st and 1.6% of 2nd smears performed in 2017. The most frequent recommendations were to redo cervical smears during the 6 months following the previous test; 35.71% in 2015, 47.67% in 2016 and 57.25% in 2017. However, performing a colposcopy or biopsy ware the less frequent as recommendations.

Conclusion: Cervical cancer occupies the second position of female cancers in Algeria. Its screening reaches a limited rate of target female populat

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