Breast Lymphoma: A Report of 5 Cases and Literature Review

Author(s): Abidi Fethia, Ons Chaibi, Riahi Nihed, Essghaier Sonia, Ksentini Feriel, Asma Zidi

Breast lymphoma may occur as either a primary or a secondary lesion and the secondary form is more common than the primitive form. We report five cases of breast lymphoma who underwent multimodal breast imaging studies in our institute between March 2018 and June 2020, one was primary and the others were secondary. The multimodal imaging consisted of mammography, ultrasonography (US) and dynamic computed tomography (CT). The objective of this paper was to illustrate the multimodal imaging findings in the primary and secondary forms of breast lymphoma and to describe the key clinical and radiological findings that allow it to be distinguished from other breast malignancies.

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