Bilateral Fracture Femur in a Patient with Renal Tubular Acidosis -Type 1 (Osteopetrosis Type) Platting or Nailing? A Case Report

Author(s): Atef Ibrahim Awad, Waleed Meligy, Ehab Elshal, Hany Elhalafawy, Elsayed Elhamy Negm

Diaphyseal Renal tubular is an uncommon medical disorder that comprises four variant types. It affects the skeletal system in different ways, most commonly osteomalacia and rarely osteopetrosis. Renal tubular acidosis with bone disease is representing a challenge to orthopaedic surgeon when facing fracture fixation which is more obvious in osteopetrotic bone disease. Our case represents bilateral femoral shaft fracture that had been fixed by two different surgeons with 2 different ways of fixation (weight bearing versus load sharing implants).

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