Adult Scheuermann Kyphosis Surgical Treatment by Single Posterior Approach

Author(s): Joana Pereira, Ana Sofia Esteves, Pedro Ribeiro, José Miradouro, Helder Nogueira, Jorge Alves

This is a case report of an 40 years female patient with Scheuermann Kyphosis with a rigid thoracic hyperkyphosis of 90º and compensatory lumbar hyperlordosis of 92º, treated with a single posterior approach, Ponte osteotomy and instrumented posterolateral fusion. There is some discussion about the best surgical approach. Combined approach was classically considered the gold-standard, but recent studies revealed that posterior-only approach allows comparable corrections with less complications rate. Posterior-only approach good results are related with advances in posterior instrumentation combined with posterior column shortening techniques, such Ponte osteotomies. Preoperative planning is essential. Spine instrumentation should extend from proximal end vertebra to sagittal stable vertebra.

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