A Splendid Pelvic Tumor, Indeed

Author(s): Zilberman DE, Waldman D, Raviv-Zilka L, Fridman E, Ben-Shlush A, Mor Y

Accessory spleen is not a common finding, usually located nearby the normal anatomic location of the spleen, oftentimes in the splenic hilum, the great omentum and the pancreas. Pelvic accessory spleen is a very rare finding, mostly asymptomatic and incidentally radiologically detected. Herein, we present an 18 years old male who underwent an investigation for daytime urinary frequency and suspicious small right pelvic mass was demonstrated by both ultrasound and MRI scans. In view of being a potentially malignant tumor, a robotic-assisted removal was uneventfully performed and the final pathology was surprisingly compatible with an accessory spleen.

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