Editor’s Note by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Emre Pakdemirli

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Emre Pakdemirli*

Consultant General, Breast, MSK and Emergency Radiologist, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, St Albans City Hospital, England, United Kingdom

*Correspondence: Dr. Emre Pakdemirli, Consultant General, Breast, MSK and Emergency Radiologist, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, St Albans City Hospital, England, United Kingdom

Received: 03 November 2019; Accepted: 03 November 2019; Published: 09 November 2019;

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Dear colleagues, authors, editorial scientific and clerical staff and readers,

I am pleased to be appointed as an Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Radiology and Clinical Imaging (ISSN: 2644-2809). The journal already got international recognition in a short period and our aim is to take our journal to the new horizons. I firmly believe that we will be indexed in PubMed soon.

Fists step would increase the volume of articles and then get some citations. As you may already know, our journal’s submission to publishing process is quite quick with a through and efficient reviewing process. We accept original researches, case reports, reviews, mini reviews, opinions, perspectives, letters to the editor (solicited or not solicited) Rapid response type letters, etc.

I recently added “ images in Radiology” section which is quite similar to that of the New England of Medicine journal’s “Images in Clinical Medicine” section. What you need to present one or two panels of high quality pictures and present your cases, not more than 400 words with or without references (NEJM’s don’t accept references) with no more than 3 authors (NEJM and Lancet let only 2 authors). Obviously you need to do make a search in the relevant literature, if you opted to go forward without option but you need to give some initial info prior to the case report.

I have also added a section called “Resident’s corner” which facilitates Radiology trainees can share their interesting cases with a low APC or with a complete waiver (if they are submitting from low or middle income countries). You can freely share your opinions, perceptions and we will be remained open minded to any suggestions from juniors for taking the journal to further horizons.

As everybody witnessing Radiology having its big historic leap since the first invention of the X-Rays. Yes, I am talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s been hot since 2015 in terms of increased publications and I am happy to announce that we are accepting to get AI researches or opinion / perspective type pieces anywhere from the world. AI, is it friend or foe? It would be lovely to see positive, negative or neutral opinions about AI, here, in this platform and share it without any restrictions there and there.

I am expecting an increase in volume of submissions all over the world in the near future and on behalf of the editorial board and editorial clerical staff, we will be quite open, receptive and through during your publication journey and we are here to make sure it will be a pleasant one.

The online chatting facility with the journal is an admirable one off feature of the journal, quite popular and guides authors very well, especially whoever has some burning issues in terms of the whole publishing process from A to Z. Our submission process through the web site is quite a robust and easy friendly one, I am sure you will be totally satisfied and love it with the process as an author or reviewer.

I would like to emphasise, you can use either American, Australian or British English during your submissions, please do not mix them up. We do not a translation or editing services, but in the case of asking our online help desk, we will be very happy to guide you for your ship shaping your priceless works prior to the submission as we do not wish your valuable work discredited by language barriers.

We are approaching rapidly to 2020 and this new decade will be witnessed several minds whirling new innovations. Let’s take this journey discovering new innovations in the very bright Radiology horizon, together…

Thanking all in advance,
Emre Pakdemirli

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