VERION vs IOLMaster: Which is More Accurate in Predicting Post-op Spherical Equivalent Outcomes for Phacoemulsification with IOL Implant Surgery?

Author(s): Anshu Sachdev, Simon Madge

Purpose: The authors aimed to analyse the accuracy in post-operative spherical equivalent outcomes for intraocular lenses implanted for both IOLMaster and VERION systems.

Methods: A retrospective audit was carried out of 80 sequential eyes of patients who had cataract surgery using AMO Tecnis monofocal lenses under the care of the senior author using both the IOLMaster and VERION systems from March 2017-November 2017 at Nuffield Health Hereford. A database was used to analyse the results. The patients were measured using both the IOLMaster and VERION systems and the pre-operative spherical predictions were obtained. The actual post-operative spherical equivalent was calculated from the post-operative refraction data and compared to the predictive spherical outcome values using the SRK/T formula for both the IOLMaster and VERION systems. A paired T-test was performed to calculate the statistical significance of the results.

Results: There was a mean difference of -0.0496D (95% CI -0.143 to 0.0439) in the post-operative spherical equivalent outcome compared to the IOLMaster prediction and a mean difference of -0.0464D (95% CI -0.14 to 0.0476) compared to the VERION prediction. The range of differences in the post-operative spherical equivalent outcomes was -1.255 to +0.935D compared to the IOLMaster predictions, and -1.305 to +0.89D compared to the VERION predictions. These results did not differ significantly (p >0.05).

Conclusion: There was no significant difference in accuracy between the two systems. In addition to its role in astigmatism management, the VERION may be used to help refine postoperative spherical refractive predictions from the IOLMaster.

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