Use of Southampton Scoring for Wound Healing in Post-surgical Patients: Our Experience in Semi-urban Setup

Author(s): Kedar Gorad, Vaidyanath Rahate, Girish Shinde, Gautam Taralekar, Vinod Prabhu, Lokesh Singh

Objective: Study of use of Southampton Scoring for wound healing in post-surgical patients. Introduction: Post-operative wound infection is defined as ‘surgical site infection from 0-30 days after surgery, or infection to surgical site till one year in cases of implants like mesh, vascular grafts, orthopedic implants and prosthesis [1]. This study was planned to assess the usefulness of Southampton scoring in post-surgical wounds in semi-urban set up.

Methods: This study of post-surgical wound infection was carried out from November 2019 to June 2020. The study is of 140 patients who underwent surgery. Out of 140, 112 were male and 28 were female patients. Southampton grading system from I to V were applied to all post-surgical wounds.

Results: 95% patients had normal healing (grade 0 or I), 2.5% had minor complications (grade II or III), 2.5% patients had major complication (grade IV or V) recorded during hospital stay.

Conclusion: Southampton scoring for wound healing in post-surgical patients is useful.

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