Unexpectedly Complicative Course of a Rib Series Fracture in Patient with Chilaiditi Syndrome

Author(s): Woebker G, Beck P, Kamper L, Ekamp H, Giebel F, Zirngibl H, Ganzera S

1910 described by D. Chilaiditi, the Chilaiditi sign refers to the interposition of liver and colon parts with air-filled intestinal sections below the right diaphragm. If this anatomical abnormality becomes clinically symptomatic, it is called Chilaiditi syndrome [1]. Diaphragmatic injuries are rare, accounting for less than 1% of all traumatic injuries [2], but increase the risk of herniation and strangulation of intra-abdominal organs when diagnosed late. They are associated with an overall mortality rate of 25% [3], although this strongly depends on the respective accompanying organ injuries.

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