TSH and GH Producing Macroadenoma. Escape to Control with Long-Acting Somatostatin Analogues (SSA) After 12 Years Follow-Up. About A Case

Author(s): Jose Atencia Goñi, Rogelio García-Centeno, María Picallo Pérez, Pascual Elvira Ruiz, Laura González Fernández, Olga González Albarrán

Tyroid-stimulatin hormone (TSH) - producing pituitary adenomas known as thyrotropinomas or TSHomas account for a small percentage of pituitary tumors [1]. Approximately 30% of them co-secrete growth hormone (GH), Prolactin, or αGSU of TSH [2]. We introduce a patient with a 12 years follow-up at our center with medical treatment by long-acting somatostatin analogues (SSA) due to rejected surgery. Along the treatment there is a scape with a secondary production of GH without image changes at the MRIs. We suggest a progressively acquired resistance to the medical treatment.


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