To Compare The Outcomes of Collagen Dressing, Polyurethane Dressing and Paraffin Gauze Dressing on Split Skin Thickness Graft Donor Site

Author(s): Bedi Chaitanya, Ranjit Rana, Kakkar Vikas, Mittal Seema, Kapoor Sudershan

Background: The effectiveness of a skin graft is determined not only by the integration of the graft itself, but also the quality of donor site recovery. Main morbidity of split skin graft is donor site pain, soaking delayed healing and scar. There are many donor site dressing modalities. The drawbacks of current dressings, especially in the therapy of moderate to large donor sites, emphasize the relevance of the polyurethane dressing and collagen dressing concept as a treatment option for split-thickness skin graft donor sites.

Method: Study was conducted in Department of Surgery, SGRDIMSAR, Sri Amritsar. After obtaining approval from institutional ethics committee and written informed consent from the patients. We had compared the outcome of the collagen dressing, polyurethane dressing and paraffin gauze dressing on split thickness skin graft donor site wound in 90 patients. Patients were randomly divided in three groups, after harvesting graft by standard technique donor site will be covered with collagen sheet in group I, polyurethane in group II and paraffin gauze in group III. Outcome variables are healing time, quality of scar, pain at donor site.

Results: Collagen and Polyurethane dressing groups showed significant results in all outcome variables of donor site pain, wound healing and scar quality, in comparison to Paraffin gauze group.

Conclusion: Both collagen and polyurethane dressing material results in rapid epithelization, less donor site pain and good cosmetic outcome, in comparison to paraffin gauze dressing.

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