Therapeutic Role of Marijuana in Migraine

Author(s): Simrat Kaur Batth

Marijuana has been known for a long time to have a variety of therapeutic implications in pain management. The role of the cannabinoid system in regulation of migraine headaches highlights the potential of marijuana as a treatment option. Marijuana has the ability to modulate the migraine associated pain pathway via the cannabinoid receptors. Endocannabinoid deficiency has been theorized to contribute to the pathophysiology of migraine. People who have used marijuana for their migraine headaches have reported a decrease in the frequency of their headaches, especially the population who failed to show response with the conventional treatment options. Also, marijuana has a more tolerable side effect profile and administering this along with conventional treatment options can help reduce their dosages and side effects. Large scale clinical trials are needed to further find out about the different strains, formulations, prefer- red delivery method and doses of marijuana required for effective treatment.

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