The Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties of Cassia fistula

Author(s): Aisha Siddiqua, Mehak Zahra, Kalsoom Begum, Muhammad Jamil

Introduction: Due to the numerous unfavorable impact of present day drugs individuals used to incline toward herbal medications. The traditional prescriptions are progressively requested through the traditional experts and herbalists in the treatment of irresistible ailments. Medicinal plants assume a fundamental part for the improvement of new medications. Cassia fistula is a medicinal plant and belongs to a Caesalpiniaceae family which is usually recognized as Amulthus as well as ‘Indian Laburnum’ is an English term used for Amulthus, generally employed as a part of medicine ayurvedic system on behalf of different infirmities.

Objective: To search out traditional uses by the local population, medicinal substances, their qualities and effects as well as chemical constituents in Cassia fistula are the aims of article that makes available a complete detail.

Findings: Cassis fistula is a medium size short-lived tree with long and cylindrical fruits containing pulp and furthermore with a splendid yellow shaded flower. The tree is local to Pakistan, generally discovered east of the Indus in the fields and proceeding with north into the Himalayas to a rise of roughly 1200 meters. In Pakistan it is developed all through the field region. The present article gives a record of refreshed data on its phytochemical and pharmacological properties. The audit uncovers that wide quantities of phytochemical constituents have been separated from the plant perform activity such as destroying parasitic worms especially of the intestine, reduce fever, inhibit oxidation, killing larval pests, destroying fungi, anti-leishmaniatic function, destroying bacteria and other microbes, also anti-fiery activity, activity against tumor, as well as cough suppressant, activity of central nervous system, impact of clastogenic, having tendency to loosen or relax means producing bowel

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