The Importance of Moral Behaviours in the Anthropocene Epoch

Author(s): Ioan Mihnea Marinescu

This article wishes to present a theoretical perspective which seeks to address the importance of moral behaviours in the current proposed epoch, characterized by the significant impact of human activity upon Earth’s geology and ecosystems, called the Anthropocene. The present paper proposes that, in the current global context, time has come for humanity to implement new adaptive answers to the problems of mutualism, and therefore, argues in favour of the idea that wishing to discover and to behave in accordance with objective moral truths represent, on one hand, a first step in the process of ensuring a collective and benevolent development for mankind, and on the other hand, a major aspect which fulfills both self-actualization needs and self-transcendence needs. In line with this view, this article hopes to inspire future researcher investigations that would aim to find out new and more practical ways of increasing the frequency of moral behaviours.

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