The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovative Nanotechnologies for Advanced Medical Diagnosis

Author(s): Mawuli Agboklu

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological domain wherein computer systems emulate human cognitive capabilities to execute tasks previously reliant on human intellect. Referred to as smart machines, these entities exhibit the intelligence to autonomously perform cognitive functions. Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field spanning science, technology, and engineering, focusing on activities at the nanoscale for industrial and research applications. The intersection of AI and nanotechnology has notably influenced the evolution of medical diagnosis, enhancing the quality of diagnostic devices through advanced material construction and heightened functional sophistication. This collaboration has positively impacted medical diagnostics, enabling devices to detect and diagnose conditions with greater precision and depth. The incorporation of nanoscale materials has contributed to heightened device sensitivity, while AI-driven functionalities have elevated diagnostic capabilities, marking a significant stride in advancing healthcare technologies. This paper will review the impact of artificial intelligence on innovative nanotechnologies for advanced medical diagnosis.

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