The Growing Liberality Observed in Primary Animal and Plant Cultures is Common to the Social Amoeba

Author(s): Norichika Ogata

Tissue culture environment liberates cells fromordinary laws of multicellular organisms. This liberation enables cells several behaviors, such as proliferation, dedifferentiation, acquisition of pluripotency, immortalization, and reprogramming. Recently, the quantitative value of cellular dedifferentiation and differentiation was defined as “liberality”, which is measurable as Shannon entropy of numerical transcriptome data and Lempel-Zip complexity of nucleotide sequence transcriptome data. The increasing liberality induced by the culture environment had first been observed in animal cells and had reconfirmed in plant cells.The phenomena may be common across the kingdom, also in a social amoeba. We measured the liberality of the social amoeba which disaggregated from multicellular aggregates and transferred into a liquid medium.

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