Systematic review on the effect of chemical compounds on craniofacial development of a zebrafish embryo

Author(s): Ahmad Firdaus B Lajis

In past decades, Danio rerio has served as a fish model in various studies including genetics and developmental biology. Recently, this model has gained attention to evaluate several environmental toxicants (i.e., herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, component of a plastic product) which have been known to cause environmental pollution and affect aquatic life. In this review, recent study on craniofacial development of a zebrafish is described. This article discusses the effect of chemical pollutants to the craniofacial development of a zebrafish embryo focusing on articles published from 1995 onwards. Abstract of the prior articles were read and analyzed to determine its significance to be included in the discussions on the effect of these toxicants to the craniofacial and jaws development as well as facial morphology of a zebrafish embryo. From about 630 articles, 38 articles have been selected and included in this systematic review. Many of these toxicants are also apparently harmful to mammalian and human. Therefore, findings that have been demonstrated using zebrafish embryo are deemed useful as a guideline for a necessary action to be taken into consideration to protect human health and to ensure the standard quality of the aquatic environment.

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