Surgical Management of Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas - An Observational Study

Author(s): Uddin MS, Sobhan SA, Sakib A

Introduction: Solid pseudopapillary tumors (SPT) of the pancreas are rare neoplasms that predominantly affect young females. This study aimed to investigate the demographic characteristics, clinical presentations, tumor locations, surgical treatments, and outcomes in a cohort of patients with SPT in Bangladesh.

Methods: This retrospective observational study was conducted at the Department of Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplantation Surgery, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Al-Manar Hospital Limited and Abeer General Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hospital records of 36 patients with histopathologically confirmed SPT, aged between 18 and 49 years, were included for the study. Data on demographic characteristics, clinical presentations, tumor location, surgical treatment, and outcomes were collected and analyzed using SPSS software V.25.

Result: The majority of patients were in the 18-29 age range (66.67%) and female (86.11%). The most common clinical presentation was abdominal pain or discomfort (44.44%), followed by a palpable abdominal mass (25.00%). Notably, 30.56% of patients were asymptomatic. The most common tumor location was the tail of the pancreas (30.56%). Distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy was the most common surgical treatment (55.56%). Complete tumor resection was achieved in 94.44% of patients, with only 5.56% having residual tumor. Postoperative complications were reported in 13.89% of cases.

Conclusion: This study highlights the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with SPT in Bangladesh, as well as the surgical management and outcomes. The findings are largely consistent with existing literature, emphasizing the importance of appropriate surgical management and postoperative care for patients with SPT. Further investigation into regional factors that may affect tumor location distribution is warranted.

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