Successful Resolution of Subfoveal Hemorrhage with Subretinal delivery of Aflibercept in AMD and Idiopathic Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy- A Case Series

Author(s): Kinza T. Ahmad, Suzie A. Gasparian, K.V. Chalam

Introduction: Submacular hemorrhage due to IPCV is visually debilitating for patients and different methods are utilized in management of this sight-threatening complication with limited success. In this expanded case series, we describe the visual outcomes of submacular hemorrhage secondary to IPCV treated with subretinal delivery of aflibercept during pars plana vitrectomy (PPV).

Methods: In this retrospective review, we report the clinical, surgical, and multimodal imaging data of four eyes of four patients who underwent surgery for submacular hemorrhage due to IPCV at Loma Linda University Hospital. Each eye underwent standard 23-gauge PPV and subretinal delivery of 2 mg aflibercept with a 25 g/42 g cannula coupled to the viscous fluid control unit of a standard vitrectomy system. Results: All patients had resolution of the submacular hemorrhage with improvement in visual acuity.

Conclusion: Our series describes a group of cases with successful resolution of subfoveal hemorrhage and improvement in VA using a novel technique of subretinal aflibercept delivery for the treatment of subretinal bleeding in IPCV.

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