Significant Aspect of Rv0378 Gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Reveals the PE_PGRS like Properties by Computational Approaches

Author(s): Beg MA, Athar F, Meena LS

Rv0378 is a conserved hypothetical gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv (M. tuberculosis H37Rv). This gene has been predicted to possess some PE_PGRS like characteristics. M. tuberculosis H37Rv contains a group of PE_PGRS qualities, with various identified motifs, encoding firmly related proteins that are outstandingly rich in glycine and alanine. These genes are predicted to be one of the key regulators for the pathogenic mechanism of this bacterium by the evidence of their absence in other a virulent strain. This manuscript noted some of the most valuable aspects about hypothetical protein Rv0378 being function as a PE_PGRS protein. The major insights of this study include interaction study, modelling by using I-TASSER, validation of the model by RAMPAGE analysis and prediction of metal binding sites by using Insilico approaches. The study shows that this gene is majorly a coiled structure with very short lengths and had a similarity with other already confirmed PE_PGRS proteins. The structure is validated by the bioinformatics approach. Interaction study by STRING shows that this protein interacts with its neighboring partner and secE2 protein which is a transporter protein. Prediction of ligand binding site confirms that this gene binds with calcium and magnesium with very high affinity which focus our step ahead in the direction of this gene as PE_PGRS protein and essential for pathogenesis. This study will be helpful in the experimental design to work in this field and if found correct as predicted, thus this work might be helpful in the direction of the treatment of this disease.

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