Serum Fetuin a  Level: A New Possible Marker for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  in   Women with Infertility  

Author(s): Sherif ElSirgany, Hesham Badawi, Zakaria El-Khayat, Mamdouh Bibers, Manal Hamdy, Ahmed Hamdy, Sameh Salama, Rehab Lotfy, Mahmoud Alalfy

Objective: Fetuin-A is a glycoprotein which is present in circulation that might be linked to insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The aim of our study was to investigate the changes in Fetuin-A levels as a possible marker in patients with PCOS.

Methods: In this study we included a total of 80 women. Group A;40 women with PCOS represented this study group, while another 40 women with regular cycles and no symptoms of hyperandrogenemia represented the controls(Group B). Fetuin-A level was measured in both groups to compare the level of this hormone.

Results: Our results showed that Fetuin A concentration in the PCOS group was elevated than the control group (mean ± SD: 521 ± 7.1 vs 505 ± 50.5 ng/ml respectively) and the difference was statistically significant. Conclusions: Fetuin A level could be proposed as a screening test for PCOS with a cutoff value of 515 ng/ ml, the sensitivity and specificity were one hundred % and forty five %, respectively.

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