Sero-Detection of Cytomegalovirus and Rubella Virus IgG Antibodies Among Sudanese Pregnant Women in Khartoum State-Sudan

Author(s): Ola S. Abdul Jalel, Sara A.Bakhet, Mahmmoud S.Saleh, Mohammed S.Mohammed, Ibrahim T.Ibrahim, Mohamed I. Garbi, and Ali Badri

Background: Cytomegalovirus and Rubella virus are the most common causes of congenital infections, which increase morbidity and mortality at birth and one of the common causes of abortion in developing countries.

Methodology: Plasma samples obtained from 87 pregnant womens, the samples were obtained from Omdurman Friendship Hospital 53(61%), AL-Saudi Specialized Hospital 21(25%) and Ultra lab Diagnostic Centre 13(14%).all samples were examined for presence of CMV and Rubella virus IgG antibodies by using an ELISA test.

Results: The result showed that out of 87 blood samples investigated, 64(73.6%) were positive for CMV, while the reslt 23(26.4%) were negative and 85(97.7%) were positive for rubella, while the reslt 2(2.3%) were negative, where was 62(71.2%) samples had both CMV and Rubella virus IgG antibodies, 25(28.8%) had either CMV or Rubella virus IgG antibodies and there was no sample negative for both CMV and Rubella virus IgG antibodies.

Conclusion: The present study observed the high prevalence rate of CMV and rubella virus IgG antibodies among pregnant women in Khartoum State. The level of infections is higher in pregnant women without history of miscarriage than those aborted women.

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