Semicircular Canal Functions Throughout Pregnancy: Case series using Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT)

Author(s): Melissa Castillo-Bustamante, María Nazareth Campo-Campo, Daniel Peña-Tobon, Omarliv Briceño, Johanna M. Vanegas-Munera, Jorge Madrigal.

Pregnancy involves several anatomic and functional changes in several organs including the vestibular system. Symptoms such as unsteadiness, dizziness and vertigo are reported by pregnant patients. However, there is a lack of evidence about the vestibular functional and anatomic changes throughout the pregnancy. Some studies have detailed unilateral deficits, increased, and decreased gains and increased amplitudes in some vestibular testing including videonystgamography, Cervical Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (cVEMP) and Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT). Herein, we assessed the semicircular canal function of eight pregnant females using vHIT throughout pregnancy to describe the changes to these vestibular structures starting at the 20th week of gestation.

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