Risk Factors of Pregnancy over the Age 35 among Women in Baghdad

Author(s): Khalidah Salman Saad

Background: A high-risk pregnancy is one in which some condition puts the mother or the developing fetus, or both, at an increased risk for complications during or after pregnancy and birth.

Aim of the study: To assess the effect of maternal age with risk factor of adverse pregnancy and pregnancy outcome in our setting.

Methods: A cross sectional study has been conducted in six hospitals in Baghdad for the period extended from 1st September 2018 to 28 December 2018. A detailed physical examination was conducted on all the participants. A questionnaire was completed for each case including basic socio demographic data. The statistical analysis was performed using the statistical package for the social sciences version 22 to analyses the data.

Results: From our data found that 73 (76.8%) of cases in the age group 35-39 years old, 81 (85.3%) were unemployed; read and write education in 28 (29.5%). The highest frequency of cases had a parity more than 6, 67 (70.5%) had a family history, 32 (33.7%) of cases had a previous still birth and 2 (2.1%) of cases had history of alcohol drinking. Anemia, diabetes and infertility are the main risk factor of pregnancy.

Conclusions: A statistically significant has been found between maternal age with hypertension, Diabetes and vascular disease at the p. value <0.05.

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