Rimegepant in the Treatment of Migraine

Author(s): Muhammad Adnan Haider, Muhammad Hanif, Mukarram Jamat Ali, Muhammad Umer Ahmed, Sundas, Amin H Karim

Migraine is a common and chronic disorder with significant financial and socioeconomic burden. It is the 2nd most common reason for the years lived with disability after back pain. Current available treatment of migraine is limited to subpopulation due to poor tolerability, efficacy, side effects, contraindication and drug-drug interactions. So there is need to evolve some treatment to overcome these limitations. Calcitonin-gene-related peptide receptor has been identified in the pathophysiology of migraine over 30 years and in recent few years, some CGRP-receptor antagonists have been identified and can reduce the unmet needs in the treatm- ent of migraine. This article is focused on exploring the role of rimegepant (CGRP-receptor antagonist) by reviewing myriads of articles published in Pubmed and Google scholar.

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