Recent Diagnosis and Treatment Progress of Spinal Tuberculosis

Author(s): Sayed Abdulla jami, Shi Jiandang, Siam Al Mobarak, Liu Chang Hao

Spinal tuberculosis is an old and harmful disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. With the improvement of diagnostic technology and the application of surgical technique, spinal tuberculosis treatment has improved significantly. However, the number of patients with spinal tuberculosis is on the rise, especially in poor areas because of the current situation of population growth, drug-resistant bacteria, HIV transmission, and so on. The public is not aware of the rise in the incidence of spinal tuberculosis yet. According to the pathological characteristics of spinal tuberculosis most of the lesions are located in the vertebral body and easily involve the spinal canal resulting in spinal cord and nerve compression, which causes patients to have neurological symptoms or residual spinal nerve sequelae that are difficult to recover, and it has a specific impact on individuals and society. If spinal tuberculosis are not diagnosed and treated on time, it will lead to severe consequences. This article reviewed the recent progress of the diagnosis and treatment of spinal tuberculosis.

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