Rare Keratopathy of Bilateral Anterior Amorphous Corneal Opacities with Spontaneous Corneal Stromalysis and Unilateral Descemetocele - Quantitative Framing with AS-OCT and Scheimpflug Imaging in inverse contrast

Author(s): Shruthy Vaishali Ramesh, Prasanna Venkatesh Ramesh, Aji K, Meena Kumari Ramesh, Ramesh Rajasekaran

Posterior amorphous corneal dystrophy (PACD) is classically characterised by bilaterally thin and flat central corneas with a deep, stromal sheet-like opacity. The epithelium, Bowman's layer, and anterior stroma are usually normal in PACD. Here, we report a case that had bilaterally anterior oval amorphous corneal opacities, which is different from the typical presentation of PACD. Corneal stromalysis occurred in them with progression to descemetocele unilaterally. To our knowledge, Scheimpflug images of anterior amorphous opacities especially with spontaneous corneal stromalysis and descemetocele are poorly reported in literature. Hence the objective of this manuscript was to throw light to the lacunae in literature, by describing the Scheimpflug images of this rare keratopathy in default and inverse contrast for better quantitative framing of the pathology.

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